Martial Arts and Self Defense in Edmond, Oklahoma City

Author: ccunnyng

We’re moving to the new Training Center!

We are wrapping up construction on the new Training Center in Edmond and the move is underway. The new address is 1125 S. Broadway and we are just a block north of 15th on the west side of Broadway. Construction on the exterior of the building is still in progress but the interior is absolutely amazing. We expect to transfer classes fully by Friday April 28th. Come check it out!

Assistant Instructor participates in charity Roll-a-thon to benefit Child Abuse Network

Dr. Chris Cunnyngham is a Pediatric Intensive Care physician and Assistant Instructor at The Forge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Edmond, Oklahoma. On December 5th 2015, Dr. Cunnyngham participated in a 5 hour Roll-a-thon charity event to benefit the Child Abuse Network (CAN). The CAN is an independent, non-profit organization based in Tulsa that is dedicated to intervention and providing support services for child abuse victims and their families. The Roll-a-thon was organized by Marshall Troy and hosted by the Academy of Martial Arts in Oklahoma City with the goal of raising awareness and donations for CAN. Dr. Cunnyngham was one of two volunteers to grapple against all comers for nearly 5 straight hours. Participants made donations for the opportunity to square off against Dr. Cunnyngham and Mr. Troy in five-minute rounds of sparring. The two volunteers completed over 50 consecutive rounds in five hours and raised greater than $1400 to benefit the Child Abuse Network.Dr. Cunnyngham started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a medical student in 2001 and is currently a brown belt and assistant instructor at The Forge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Edmond.